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Job Seekers

Marketing & Sales Resources, Inc. represents the best interests of the candidate and the company bringing them together for successful employment. We are there to provide guidance to the candidate through the entire interviewing process right through the final job offer. Before meeting with a company, our recruiters prepare you for your interview to give you the best chance for success.

When an offer for the position is made, your recruiter will be doing the negotiating on your behalf based on prior discussions. By doing it this way, we have candidates start employment in a positive frame of mind. This way we mediate between the two parties and can start it off as a positive relationship between the candidate and company. Our main goal is to get you hired in a position, and for a career, that you are excited and motivated for.


Job Search Assistance

Pounding Pavement 101 is a foolproof, job-getting, career-building system that delivers impressive results.


Why is it so effective?


It leverages insider secrets from an Executive Recruiter, reverse-engineering the recruitment process to help you get hired faster and with better pay.


Job seekers using this system typically schedule 3-5 interviews per week and land their dream jobs within 3-8 weeks, compared to the usual 9-12 months of searching on their own.

This program works for everyone, from college students to C-suite executives, across all industries, achieving success six times faster than traditional job searching.


The three-step process includes:

  1. Personal Branding - Crafting resumes and LinkedIn profiles tailored to how recruiters search.

  2. Interview Preparation - Focusing on what recruiters are truly listening for in your responses.

  3. Job Search Strategies - Creating immense visibility, uncovering the hidden job market, and streamlining your job search efforts.

Discover the detailed statistics and learn more at:

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